Creative writing competition: Alpine Fellowship Writing Prize


27 February 2018
alpine-81180.jpg The Alpine Fellowship
£3,000 will be awarded for the best piece of writing on 'Childhood'


£3,000 will be awarded for the best piece of writing on 'Childhood'

Entries are invited in all genres, up to 2,500 words. The winner will be presented with their £3,000 prize by poet John Burnside. Childhood is the theme of this year's Alpine Fellowship Annual Symposium. The winner and two runners up will be invited to attend the Venice symposium, which takes place between 21 and 24 June.

‘I’m interested in writing that combines imagination and craft to create something that need not be highly "polished", but which shows an artisan’s humility alongside that spontaneous engagement with the work of making that rests securely upon the awareness of what Ezra Pound called "a live tradition" – not as a set of limits, but as an invitation to explore, to make new and, most of all, to extend the musical possibilities of language,’ said John Burnside.

Entry is free. All entries must be original, unpublished work. Only one entry per author will be accepted.

The closing date is 15 March.

For full details, see the website.

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