Creative writing award: Room 21


20 April 2021
Swamp Motel are looking for an original script or creative idea to produce into an online theatrical event

Swamp Motel are a theatre company that creates entertainment that blues the boundaries between theatre, film and gaming. For the Room 21 commission programme, they are looking for creative ideas that could be turned into a multi-platford digital theatrical experience.

Submissions might be an existing script or idea for stage, screen, or print, or something new designed for this programme. Scripts or ideas must not have been commissioned by another organisation.

Swamp Motel's Room 21 commission programme will offer the winner a £2,000 writer's fee and a month working collaboratively with Swamp Motel creative directors. If the script moves into production a second £2,000 fee will be paid.

To submit, send 150 words on your reason for applying, a CV and one-page treatment or three-minute video.

The closing date is 14 May.

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For full details see the website.


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