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26 November 2018
46837747_209714319926584_6484198537218228224_n-23926.jpg London Book Fair Writer's Summit
Understand the various paths to publication at The London Book Fair's Writer's Summit

We know the publishing industry can seem daunting from the outside but, the good news is that there are now more opportunities to get published than ever before. The London Book Fair (LBF) aims to help authors and aspiring authors by demystifying the routes to publication – from traditional publishers, self-publishing to hybrid (or a bit of both). The LBF Writer’s Summit will also provide more detailed information about the tricks of the trade, and further revenue opportunities for those already published.

There is a dizzying array of choices and decisions to be made en route to publication, whichever route you go, so LBF helps writers be more informed about the best avenues for their work. Whichever route chosen for publication, authors then need to build, protect and champion their own brand from social media to newsletters, events to websites. Self-publishing is a busy space: if you want to find and grow your readers these last skills are as important as the creation of the work itself.

The Writer’s Summit, brought to you by The London Book Fair, is a fantastic day-long programme that will help budding, beginner and hybrid authors to make informed decisions, and develop successful writing careers.

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We’ll be welcoming Chairman James Spackman, whose career in publishing has spanned Bloomsbury to Hodder & Stoughton, and now includes coaching under the brand The Book Pitch Doctor and mastermind of the Profile imprint, Pursuit. He’ll be joined on the day by bestselling authors, journalists, and best-friends, Daisy Buchanan and Lauren Bravo whose books How to be a Grown Up and What Would the Spice Girls Do? became instant hits, the two women behind Slay in your Lane, Yomi Adegoke and Elizabeth Uviebinené, which has been lauded by the COO of Facebook Sheryl Sandberg, and international bestseller of theHotel Babylon series, Imogen Edwards-Jones. Not to mention, a roster of respected authorities, including author and award-winning digital entrepreneur Warren Knight, and a host of publishing experts including the brains behind Book Collective Esther Harris and rights maestro Jason Bartholomew.

Boasting an insightful and comprehensive programme, The Writer’s Summit will provide insight, ideas and practical advice on the many opportunities that now abound for self-published authors. Covering social media, marketing, rights and contracts, what you need to know about audio publishing, market data, sales and retail and more, the conference is a blend of case studies, presentations, unparalleled networking with peers and industry influencers.

Ticket price for The Writer’s Summit starts from £90 (incl. VAT) and includes lunch, refreshments and networking drinks.

So don’t forget to book your place at The Writer’s Summit here