Back on course after rejection


25 March 2011
imports_WRI_0-vvzns3m4-100000_52264.jpg Back on course after rejection
After rejections and scheduled books being cancelled at the last moment, Lynne Garner was beginning to lose hope, until a string of new developments set her back on track, so now she's trying to help other writers. ...
‘For months nothing had happened with regards to my writing and I was beginning to lose hope,’ says subscriber Lynne Garner. ‘Books had been rejected, books that were to be printed were pulled at the last minute, a couple of titles went out of print...

And then:

. The Indonesian translation of my children’s picture book A Book For Bramble arrived

. The front cover of my adult non-fiction title The Greatest Creative Crafting Tips was emailed for approval (one of two titles I gained from a tip via your pages)

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. My author copies of my third children’s picture story book, Dog Did It, arrived

‘On this high and having been recently asked several times by aspiring authors about how to get published I have decided to run my own classes. These courses are aimed at writers who wish to get published and cover a range of subjects from starting it simple with letters to how to submit a synopsis/mss to the right publisher.’

. After Lynne sent this to WN, she has had further good news, and has been kind enough to keep us posted. ‘I’ve been asked by WOW (Women On Writing) to run a writing course with them - how to write a children’s picture book. So I’m now desperately trying to put together the course notes for both courses.’