Are you at Swanwick?


16 August 2011
imports_WRI_0-vurd018a-100000_58321.jpg Are you at Swanwick?
Are you at Swanwick Writers' Summer School? ...
With writers and tutors in all styles and genres at Swanwick Writers' Summer School, we'd love to know how you're getting on

The week-long summer school, running this week until Friday, is a highlight of the writer's calendar, with workshops and courses from a wide range of expert tutors. It's an invaluable chance not just to pick up writing skills and hone your talents, but to feel part of a writing community and make links with other writers.

We know you'll be busy with your creative writing whilst you're there but if you get time to post in Talkback and let us know the highlights of your Swanwick week, we'd be delighted.


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