A free book deal for every reader


01 April 2022
All change at your favourite writing magazine

We are delighted to announce that Writing Magazine is offering a free book deal for every reader with our next issue.

The deal is available to all those writers who have not yet published a novella for adults, a children’s sporting almanac or a collection of timetables, and who have never told anyone they are a ‘bit of a scribbler’, courtesy of our publishing friends at Oldfool Publishing.

The special gift issue commemorates and compensates for a change in the magazine's delivery method. From next month, in line with the current market conditions and increased supply chain issues, Writing Magazine in print will no longer be 84 packed pages but 24 exceedingly packed pages. To ensure we still deliver all your writing needs in one place, it will be printed at 5pt and complemented by digital content beamed directly to your Blackberry or Windows mobile device, Teletext© equipped television set, or web browser - Netscape or Internet Explorer.

Avril Poisson, marketing manager at our digital partners, Integrated Data Input and Output Technology, said the changes would bring Writing Magazine roaring into the 21st century, and nary a decade too late. “This really is a step into the present for Writing Magazine, and one we hope will continue to get WM in front of as many eyeballs as possible. Some of those eyeballs are bound to be connected to living humans, so this is a great chance to grow the audience."

To claim your book deal, simply send in the coupon from the first issue of new look Writing Magazine, on page 9, section 2, quadrant 3, on the inside column.


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