A Christmas Squirrel wins Amazon's annual Christmas Writing Competition


08 December 2017
christmassquirrel-65744.jpg A Christmas Squirrel
Mike Doodson entered the competition after spotting it right here on WM's website!


Mike Doodson entered the competition after spotting it right here on WM's website!

New father Mike wrote his story for his baby daughter Anais's first Christmas. A contemporary retelling of A Christmas Carol, A Christmas Squirrel is the story of a grumpy squirrel who learns the spirit of generosity from three wise trees and learns to share with the other woodland creatures.

'I’m delighted that my interpretation of such an inspiring Christmas classic has won the competition, and I hope readers will enjoy my re-invented tale reminding us about the true meaning of Christmas,' said Mike. 'The themes of redemption, repentance and forgiveness underpin the magic of this time of year and regardless of whether I won or not, I thought an uplifting take on the classic would be the perfect Christmas present for my daughter.'

A Christmas Squirrel has been illustrated by Ian Beck and is now available to read via Amazon in digital and paperback versions. As well as earning royalities, Mike's prize also includes a £2,000 Amazon gift card, a new Fire tablet and an Amazon marketing campaign to support his book.

A Christmas Squirrel is currently free with Kindle Unlimited.


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