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10 ways to be inspired to write without leaving the house
Inspiration is everywhere, so you shouldn't have to go far to find ideas to fuel…

05 July 2020

Unlock your creativity
Author, tutor and Writing Magazine contributor Jenny Alexander explains how she…

03 July 2020

A picture tells a thousand words
A visual prompt to explore to inspire some creative writing

02 July 2020

Author inspiration - KC Finn, The Mind's Eye
Writing Magazine subscriber KC Finn explains the inspiration behind her…

02 July 2020

An inspiring exercise to fuel your creative writing
Let your mind drift and your pen follow

01 July 2020

A writer’s guide to inspiration
Writing and inspiration go hand in hand – here are some thoughts on how to…

01 July 2020

Welcome to #InspirationMonth
Get ready to get writing! Editor Jonathan Telfer introduces #InspirationMonth

01 July 2020

How to write short stories - the beginning, middle and end
The three basic elements of a successful short story are the beginning, middle…

30 June 2020

Melanie Cantor: How I switched careers and became a writer
The former PR and celebrity talent agent describes the steep learning curve that…

19 June 2020

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