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This is the home that mum built by Tara Hickman

20 October 2020

Liberating, new found freedom OR mournful, purposeless existence? Children growing up and leaving…

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Bauble, Me and the Family Tree by Jenny Moore
Bauble, Me and the Family Tree celebrates the intricacies and diversity of…

09 October 2020

The Horseman's Dream by A J Reid
The Horseman’s Dream is a dystopian vision of near-future Britain in which a…

09 October 2020

Murky Waters by HM Stevens
A salty, saucy saga of a short sea ferry shipping dynasty

09 October 2020

Awake by A J Ormiston
The theme of the book is mental health. The poems reflect conversations,…

09 October 2020

The Stranger In My Life By Janet Holt and Helen Parker
I was a features writer at my local newspaper, The Chester Chronicle, when I was…

07 October 2020

No More Cakes and Ale? by Sophie Newton
An original and witty yet practical guide to the gluten-free diet Whether…

07 October 2020

Mine by Alison Knight
Lily’s dreams of a better life for her family are shattered when her teenage…

30 September 2020

Captivity by Nadine Little
Anita Carmichael is her faction’s sweetheart—respected soldier, supporter of the…

23 September 2020

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