Elizabeth Ashworth

Elizabeth Ashworth

I have been a published writer since I sold my first short story to Pony Annual in my teens.

My specialist genres are historical fiction and local history. My stories are inspired by the local history of Lancashire and the North West. I spend a lot of my time researching and, as well as discovering forgotten facts from old books, this includes many visits to castles, old houses and sites of historical interest. A particular interest of mine is the history of the de Lacy family, who feature in some of my novels.

I have written three local interest books:

  • Champion Lancastrians (Sigma Press)
  • Tales of Old Lancashire (Countryside Books)
  • Lancashire - Who Lies Beneath? (Countryside Books)

A fourth local interest book, Lancashire Traditions, is due to be published by Sigma Press in 2016.

My first historical novel The de Lacy Inheritance was published by Myrmidon Books in June 2010 and has been followed by:

  • An Honourable Estate, along with its short prequel The Lady of Haigh, inspired by the legend of Mab’s Cross at Wigan.
  • By Loyalty Bound, which tells the story of the Lancashire born mistress of Richard III (Pen and Sword Fiction).
  • Favoured Beyond Fortune, which tells the story of Alicia de Lacy, set in the reign of Edward II.
  • The Circle of Fortune, which continues Alicia's story and her fight for her lands and castles.
  • Many Kinds of Silence, which traces the lost years of William Shakespeare in Lancashire and his relationship with his patron Ferdinando Stanley of Knowsley.

Elizabeth tutors the following courses: Becoming a Successful Writer, Polish Your Writing Style, Make the Most of Your Life Experiences, Fiction Writing, Short Story Writing, Writing for Children, Article Writing and Freelance Journalism.

What Our Students Say

Thank you for the feedback from Elizabeth. Please thank her for all her comments, critiquing and suggestions.

Fiona Speirs, West Midlands - 03/03/2016

Thank you for the feedback. It has helped a great deal. [Mini critique of first chapters from a novel draft.]

Doreen Thatcher, Oxfordshire - 15/03/2016

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