Step by Step Guide

Enrol for your course today - book online or call 01778 392 492.
Once you have enrolled on your chosen Writing Magazine creative writing course, we will email you everything you need to begin your studies: your welcome pack, course book (in PDF), tutor query and student profile sheets. Prefer your course materials by post? Contact our course team or call 01778 392 492 to get a quote (postal charges apply).
Starting your course
Start your creative writing course whenever you are ready, by emailing your student profile to the course coordinator. This is where you tell us a little about yourself, why you like writing and what you hope to gain from the course. Once we have received your student profile, we will then use this information to match you to the most suitable tutor for you on our course.
All course students receive a free book as a welcome gift once they start their course. This will be hand-picked from our stock by the course coordinator to match your writing interests.
Your first two (or more) assignments are detailed in your course book. You can start working on your first assignment as soon as you are ready. For each assignment your tutor will send you detailed written feedback outlining areas for improvement. If you require further clarification on your tutor’s feedback you can use one of your tutor queries.

For the eight-assignment courses, once your first two assignments are complete, your tutor will set you a brief for your remaining assignments as you complete them. This means you can adapt the course to suit your own projects.
You have two years in which to complete the course and as there are no deadlines, you can submit your assignments at a time convenient to you. Tutors have a maximum of 30 days to return their feedback, but most assignments are usually returned within a week.
Continual assistance from our Writing Magazine course coordinator
Our course coordinator is available to assist with queries. You can contact your tutor via our course coordinator by e-mail or telephone (01778 392 492).

Completing your course
Once you have completed your course, you will receive a Writing Magazine certificate of completion. Many of our students choose to extend their course by enrolling for further assignments with the same tutor or choosing to study another Writing Magazine creative writing course. 

21-day Returns Policy
You have 21 days in which to browse through your course pack. If you feel the course isn’t suitable to you, simply let us know and we will refund any monies paid on your course to date. You will need to delete the PDF of your course book, or, if you enrolled by post, please return the course pack back to us, in the condition it was provided.