How do I study one of the Writing Magazine creative writing courses?

Students work through a course book and e-mail a written assignment to their personal tutor at the end of each study-unit. In most of the longer courses, the first two assignments are set in the course book to get you started, and then you and your tutor can adapt the assignments to suit you. You can clarify any feedback and ask for specific advice with separate tutor queries. There are no deadlines; simply complete the last assignment within two years of submitting your first one.

What direct contact do I have with my professional writing tutor?

All correspondence with your tutor is sent via the Writing Magazine creative writing courses coordinator. Your one-to-one tuition is completed by e-mail through writing assignments. (If you need to complete your assignments by post, this is available for an extra fee. Please ring 01778 392 492 for a quote.) 

What support do I get if I need help?

We ask students to contact our Writing Magazine creative writing courses coordinator, who will liaise with your professional tutor to resolve your query. If you would like to chat about the courses or have any further questions, please get in touch on 01778 392 492 or email us.

Do I get to mix with other Writing Magazine creative writing course students?

You can use our free Talkback forum to communicate with like-minded writing students from around the world. We also have a Facebook page.

Details of costs and offers

Subscribe to Writing Magazine and receive an exclusive 10% discount on any of the Writing Magazine creative writing courses. All course prices are listed on the courses page. All courses include a bonus free gift of a how-to-write book, hand-picked to be relevant to your course.

Who are the tutors?

All of our Writing Magazine creative writing courses are working, professional, published writers. They are experts in their field and have years of experience in tutoring students. Some of our tutors also contribute to our monthly publication, Writing Magazine. Visit our tutors section for more information.

Who will tutor me?

You will be asked to submit a written student profile. We will then match you to the tutor who best suits your writing experience and needs.

Where do I study?

This is a correspondence course. You study from the comfort of your own home and do not need to attend any outside classes.

How soon can I get started? 

We offer year-round enrollment. Your course package will contain comprehensive instructions about how to begin your studies.

What happens when I complete my course?

You will receive a certificate of completion. You can then choose whether to do further assignments with your tutor through a course extension or book another Writing Magazine creative writing course.