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Have your writing critiqued by a professional writer


If you have writing ready to send to an editor or publisher or you simply want professional guidance on how your writing is progressing, Writing Magazine Reading and Critique service is here to help.

Why have your writing critiqued?

- Professional accreditation
- Full or mini manuscripts are assessed
- Gain valuable feedback from a professional writer


A mini critique service is £140 for up to 9,000 words.

A full manuscript service starts at £190 for up to 20,000 words, and is then based on the total word count of your work. If you would like to submit a manuscript of over 100,000 words, please contact us to confirm a price. 

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Your feedback

"Thanks very much for Amy's critique. So spot on. The advice is invaluable. I learned a lot not only how to improve my manuscript but also tips on writing in general. Both Louise and Amy are stars in their field and they would be my ideal teachers. The fact that I started writing later on in life together with English being my second language were all obstacles but both Amy and Louise were never negative in their comments and always encouraging." - Trudy M 

"Following the feedback I received from the writing critique service, I just wanted to let you know, and in particular Lesley Eames, my dedicated critique, that I have now published my book of short stories via Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing. There is no doubt that the feedback received gave me the confidence and belief to write more stories to complete an acceptable amount for the book. I learnt a great deal from Lesley's comments - the amount of detail provided to improve dialogue, viewpoint, tenses, repetition, layout and style was incredible. Following this, her words of praise were extremely motivating and spurred me on to a finish." - David E

"The comments are thoughtful and insightful and are invaluable to me in taking the novel in a new direction...Your critique service is first class and great value for money."- Brian K

" Many thanks for providing this vital service. I am incredibly impressed with the critique. Every point Lesley makes is valid and clearly articulated and  I did not expect such a swift response! I shall recommend this service enthusiastically to all my writing colleagues." -Emmanuel

Product Price
Mini Critique £140.00
Submit up to 9,000 words
Full Manuscript £190.00
Submit up to 20,000 words
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