Our online scriptwriting course explores getting started with screenwriting and how to take your passion for a good story into a well-crafted and formatted script.

What You'll Learn: Course Modules and Content

1. Getting started
2. Structure - the framework of your script
3. Script format
4. Creating characters and dialogue
5. Writing treatments
6. Writing for television
7. Adaptation
8. Professional associations

The market for writers of good script is at an all-time high. It is a hugely competitive market, however, and you stand little chance unless you understand how to use the medium.

Successful scriptwriters come from all backgrounds. The main requirement for success is a passion and curiosity for people and their stories. The next step is to take that passion and transfer it to the page in the correct form. This is where our scriptwriting course comes into its own.

Whether you intend to specialise in scriptwriting, or to add it as another skill to your freelance portfolio, you will find this course written and tutored by successful scriptwriters - invaluable.

The written material is only the bare start to the course, the main value being in the individual tuition. A class of one is especially valuable to the scriptwriter as this is a rapidly expanding market.

As with our other specialist courses, the first two assignments are pre-set, after which your aspirations, strengths and weaknesses will be assessed by your tutor in setting work appropriate for each individual case. Remember, your tutor will almost certainly have been there before.

Buy your course online today! Your course co-ordinator will email your personalised course materials as a PDF file to store safely on your computer. By emailing your course assignments your professional writing tutor will be able to critique and return your feedback to you faster than using the postal service.

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What Our Students Say

As an ongoing student of Writing Magazine courses (Scriptwriting is my fourth course), I have found them all invaluable. But this present course with Jan Moran Neil has been a true treat. Not only has she helped me with the basics of formulating a film script, she has encouraged me to believe in and understand my characters, story and the essentials of a good script. Her constructive criticism has never put me off, it simply inspires me to improve my script writing. Cheers Jan!

John Hill, Oxfordshire - 26/06/2019

The personal approach is friendly and very helpful, more 'giving' than expected. This is much appreciated.

J Turner - 01/02/2016

I started the Scriptwriting course because I wanted to see where I was going wrong and to gain confidence. I can hand on my heart say I never thought that a course would be so enjoyable! A little part of me dreaded the studying and how it would be presented, particularly juggling the course with a full-time job but it was so manageable and the units were exactly what I needed to see on a course! This course allowed me to work at my own pace and there was no pressure or anyone chasing me. The best part of the course was the assignments being set to my ability and the tutor gently pushing me further. The satisfaction of achieving the assignments was fantastic. The course tutor wasn't negative but encouraged me to look at what I needed to do. I would and am recommending this course to anyone that will listen! Thank-you for providing this much need course and on scriptwriting! I now have the confidence to apply to screenwriting opportunities, for the first time in a long time.

Krystal Cunningham, Middlesex - 10/02/2016

I found Jan’s feedback on my theatre script [full critique] to be encouraging and very helpful. It made me want to redraft straight away, rather than boo hoo and throw it in a bin. I have picked out a few relevant phrases: Jan pointed out that I had 'a real feel for dialogue' and a 'wonderful scenario', but I needed to be 'more aware of the practicalities of theatre.' My main problem was 'too many switches of settings.' Jan then helped with a solution. At the end of a comprehensive report she added further encouragement saying she felt the play 'had real potential.' There are, of course, a number of things to address but I’m keen to do so. So, good value for money. I will return.

Benita Cullingford, Hertfordshire - 10/12/2019

The course so far has been amazing to do. I am on module 4 now and I can safely say that the first 3 modules are easy to understand as everything is explained clearly and in a fun way. The feedback I get from each assignment and any queries I put to David are prompt and I find he understands what level of progress I am at as I continue on the course. He can quite easily spot the areas I need to improve and he gives great examples to help me understand where I need to learn and strengthen my abilities.

George Sandhu, Essex - 28/02/2019