Picture Book Prize 2021


23:59 - 31 October 2021

You could win a valuable consultation with literary agent Julia Churchill or a critique from children's author Amy Sparkes in our exclusive Picture Book Prize.

The picture book industry is very competitive and although there are many prizes for new talent in the children’s fiction category, there is currently little available for aspiring picture book writers. Being passionate about inspiring and encouraging new writers, Writing Magazine, author Amy Sparkes and literary agent Julia Churchill launced this award to highlight new talent and help open doors into the world of publishers and agents.

New picture book authors are important to the industry as fresh voices and imagination keep picture books fun and dynamic. Yet it can be very difficult to break into this area of publishing. Picture books are very expensive to produce, and sometimes there can be reluctance to invest in unknown authors. This can particularly be the case with rhyming picture books, which can be harder to sell internationally. The Picture Book Prize aims to raise the profile of picture book writers.

What are we looking for?

The award is open to all unpublished and unagented writers and is an opportunity for you to submit your picture book texts. We are not looking for illustrated stories or accompanying sample illustrations – please just send the story text.

Entries need to reflect traditional published picture book texts which do not rely on pop-ups, tabs or touch to help deliver the story. The story should be fiction and can be rhyming or non-rhyming. The word count should be no more than 800 words. Your story can be split up into spreads (usually 12-14 spreads) or be one continuous piece of writing.  

For Amy Sparkes' advice and tips, see her website

The closing date is 31 October.


The first prize winner will be offered a lunch consultation with top children’s fiction agent Julia Churchill, a year’s subscription to Writing Magazine and £200

The second prize winner will be offered a picture book critique by Amy Sparkes through Writing Magazine Writing Courses, a year's subscription to WM and £50.

The third prize winner will win a year’s subscription to WM.

Standard Rate
£ 5.00