Open Poetry Competition 2020


23:59 - 15 January 2021

The annual Writing Magazine Open Poetry Competition allows you the luxury of choosing your best poem to enter, regardless of its subject and form, the line limit providing the only restriction. With the freedom to let your imagination wander at will, where will you start?

Your perfect idea for the perfect poem may be prodding your pen, and ready to pour onto the page. If it is, be thankful – and also be a little bit careful. You could end up so carried away by the euphoria of the experience that you rush a copy to the postbox, or press the send button, without letting the white heat cool and subjecting the poem to thorough revision. Like the brilliant thoughts that wake you up at three in the morning, your inspired idea might have lost its sheen in the clichéd cold light of day.

Entries should be no longer than 40 lines, and the closing date is 15 January 2021.


The winner will receive £100, with £50 for the runner-up. Both poems will be published in Writing Magazine

Standard Rate
£ 6.00
Subscriber Rate
£ 4.00