Free Verse Competition


23:59 - 15 September 2022

It has been said that free verse is the easy option in poetry. Anything goes. Put your thoughts down on separate lines instead of writing in paragraphs, and there’s an instant free verse poem.

The reality is that free verse is actually much more difficult to write well than poetry in traditional forms. Traditional forms offer a template, but free verse has no set length, rhyme or metre.

The free verse poem that will win a competition must be fuelled by an interesting theme, a superb treatment of that theme, and enough poetic devices to provide absolute proof that this is, indeed, a poem.



The winner will receive £100, with £50 for the runner-up. Both poems will be published in Writing Magazine


See the rules for this competition here

Standard Rate
£ 7.50
Subscriber/Member Rate
£ 5.00