The Neurodivergent Tool Kit

The Neurodivergent Writer’s Toolkit

Getting to the page and staying there can be tough for any writer, whether you are an academic, novelist, poet or freelancer.

If you are neurodivergent (or think you might be), it can be even tougher, and there are good reasons for that. Join Amanda Marples for a comprehensive walk through all the common areas of difficulty - from problems with focus and time management to rejection sensitivity, sensory overwhelm and avoidance. In this series of workshops you will learn why you are like you are, why your brain seems to be conspiring against you, and what you can do about it.

You do not need a diagnosis to attend these sessions. Sessions are designed to stand alone, so you can just attend the ones you think might be most helpful. You can also block purchase all 6 workshop at a reduced price. Sessions are weekly online from Wednesday 17th July.

Workshop 1: Rejection Sensitivity  - It’s all about the science! What’s going on in the brain, and more importantly, what’s going on in the neurodivergent writer’s brain? In this first workshop you will learn how we are battling our own biology and how that shows up as rejection sensitivity and a really loud, often deeply unpleasant inner critic. This is your chance to have a good look at how this stuff might be derailing your writing, and find ways to overcome it (or at least turn the volume down a touch).

Workshop 2: Procrastination & Avoidance - You can’t get round to it, right? The novel is mouldering in a drawer half-finished (if you’ve even started it), but your sock drawer is perfectly organised. Discover what’s really going on and get on top of procrastination.

Workshop 3: Time Management & Organisation - This workshop is all about that bête noire of ND writers everywhere: clock time. Learn the myths and truths about productivity, how to cope with time blindness, and pick up some solid tools for building habits and routines that work for you.

Workshop 4: Paralysis, Motivation & Focus - It's no fun being glued to the sofa with a racing mind, especially if you have a deadline or the kids are going to be home in an hour and you’ve not written a word. In this workshop you will learn how to get started when the dopamine has left the building…and how to keep going.

Workshop 5: Imagination & Overwhelm - Creativity requires ideas, and stability. What if you don’t have much of either? This workshop will expose, explore and offer solutions to some of the most difficult areas for neurodivergent writers: rigid ways of thinking, aphantasia and emotional dysregulation.

Workshop 6: Demand avoidance - Ever found yourself wanting to write something and immediately thought…nope? Does it have a weird, illogical stubbornness about it? Welcome to Demand Avoidance. This final workshop is all about this bewildering, poorly understood feature of neurodiversity. Learn what demand avoidance is, where it comes from, and how to deftly sidestep it to land on the page where you belong.