September 2019

How to start a career in writing, an exclusive interview with the legend Philippa Gregory, over £58,000 in writing prizes up for grabs, plus industry insight on choosing the right publishing path for you ... Read More >>

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Inside the September 2019 issue of Writing Magazine:


• Star interview Philippa Gregory: The queen of historical fiction turns to witchcraft

• 3m-selling Susan Lewis on maintaining her prolific output 45 books in

• Guardian Reader’s Choice winner Louise Beech introduces her new psychological thriller

• Genre-hopping bestseller Jane Corry explains how she got her first deal

• Explore the life and style of mystery author Mick Herron

Adele Parks selects her five favourite reads

Your pre-publication promotion plan – it’s never too early to start selling your book!

Everything you need to be doing in the run up to your book’s publication

How to keep your narrative focus in control - avoid one of the pitfalls that betrays amateur authors

• Is there such a thing as a writing career path? How do you get on it?

• Branching out into other activities to support your life as a writer

Writing for children - The story behind the story

Understanding the different roles and relationships of author, agent and editor