May 2018

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Handle and learn from critique, how to stay motivated during the freelance doldrums, PLUS we meet widely acclaimed novelist Nikesh Shukla

On Sale: 05/04/2018

What's in this Issue?

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What's in this Issue?

Enjoy all this inside our May issue...

Star interview- We meet widely acclaimed novelist Nikesh Shukla between the publication of his third novel The One Who Wrote Destiny and his first for YA readers, Run, Riot 

• Explore the style and technique of Margaret Atwood

• Aminatta Forna shares her five favourite reads

• JP Delaney explains the motivation and writing of his first psychological thriller, The Girl Before

• Rosie Howard shares some honest truths about the reality of her writing day 

Writer’s Surival Guide - how to handle, and learn from, critique 

When 1 becomes 2 - how to rework ideas to increase your story output, and potentially your sales

Novels, novellas, short stories, flash? Which kind of writing most fits your style?

How to stay motivated during the freelance doldrums

Is horror dead?

Writing for Children: How to fit all the pieces of your book together


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