May 2016

STAR INTERVIEW with Frances Hardinge, fulfil your five-year plan and EVERYTHING you need to know before you write your novel! ... Read More >>

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INSIDE the May issue of Writing Magazine:

  • Star interview with Costa Book of the Year winner Frances Hardinge
  • New interview series - top authors pick their five favourite reads, starting with Shamim Sarif
  • Also interviewed: crime writer Angela Marsons, historical novelist Jason Hewitt and YA author Bryony Pearce
  • Before you write your novel - everything you need to know before you start 
  • Aim for the top! Form your five-year writing plan 
  • Short story masterclass - handling pace in fiction
  • Reinventing the bard - be inspired by Shakespeare
  • Inspiring ideas for children’s books
  • Publishing behind the scenes- we follow a book through its entire publication process: early stages, typesetting, design, initial marketing