June 2017

25 ways to awaken your creativity, star interview with Katherine Webb and why using simple words will improve your writing! ... Read More >>

On Sale: 04 May 2017

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Inside our June 2017 issue:

  • STAR INTERVIEW: Katherine Webb on fusing past and present in her haunting family histories
  • 25 ways to awaken your creativity
  • The 1,000 word challenge- Why using simple words will improve your writing
  • Don’t feel bad about downtime- Why you, and your writing, need an occasional change of pace
  • Author insights:

- How freelance journalist Xan Brooks was inspired by an incident from his family history for his debut novel

- Explore the style and techniques of Jilly Cooper

- How crime author Jane Isaac juggles writing and family life

- Meet husband and wife picture book team Charlotte and Adam Guillain