December 2018

Top tips for creating a marvellous adventure story for children, how to format your book for self- or e-publishing, plus new writing competitions! ... Read More >>

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Inside the December 2018 issue of Writing Magazine:

Start a new project this autumn!

• How to format your book for self- or e-publishing 

• How to record your own audiobook

Publishing insights

• What happens after publication? Don’t think your work is over!

• What should you do when your publisher ceases trading?

How to stay healthy as a writer

Advice on avoiding the health issues that plague desk-based writers

Making magic!

Top tips for creating a marvellous, magical adventure story for children 

Featured authors

Star interview: Embrace the darkness as we explore the quirky curiosity-shop imagination of acclaimed novelist Edward Carey

Study the style and technique of Jack Higgins

What books are on Death in Paradise screenwriter Robert Thorogood’s shelves?

How new author Laura Laakso got her publishing deal

Catherine Fearns (horror/crime)

JB Turner (thriller)

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