November 2019

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Top tips for writing Halloween horror, an exclusive interview with author Louise Doughty, and up to £35,000 in writing prize money to win in new competitions

On Sale: 03/10/2019

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What's in this Issue?

Write like a pro

Common mistakes of beginner novelist, and how to avoid them in your novel

Growing the seed 

You’ve got an idea and started writing, but how do you cultivate it into a full, rounded, story?

Bright young things

Practical ways to nurture and encourage the next generation of writing talent

Writing for children

The importance of setting targets and goals in your writing for children. 

Top tips

How to avoid accidental plagiarism in your research


 How genre-defying novelist Louise Doughty adds a new twist to every tale


• Tattooist of Auschwitz author Heather Morris highlights her five favourite reads

• Explore the life and writing of children’s fantasy author Angie Sage

• Victorian Detectives author Carol Hedges profiled

• Debut novelist Liz Hyder explains the rhythms and routines of her writing day

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