July 2016

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STAR INTERVIEW with Maggie O'Farrell, 5 mistakes beginner writers make, plus the changing face of ebooks

On Sale: 02/06/2016

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What's in this Issue?

INSIDE the July issue of Writing Magazine:

  • STAR INTERVIEW: Irish litfic bestseller Maggie O'Farrell
  • THE 5 MISTAKES beginner writers make – and how to avoid them
  • THE CHANGING FACE of ebooks
  • What's the story? Have you got a story or just a situation? What's the difference and why should you care?
  • AUTHOR EXPERIENCES - publishing your own magazine – how to start and sustain an indie local print publication in this day and age.
  • Intros, conclusions and the importance of structure in your feature writing
  • Publishing BTS - going to print, marketing, ebook conversion
  • TECH – proofing (set yourself up as a proofreader)
  • ANIMAL IDEAS for children's stories
  • SHELF LIFE – crimewriter Donna Leon picks her 5 favourite books

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