Two Mikes and Their 39 Stories by Michael J. Lowis and Michael E. Leonard


Stories to suit everyone, by two experienced Northampton authors.

The two Mikes have written many stories over the years, and they decided two pool some of their favourites for this joint publication. The outcome is just what it says on the tin - a gallimaufry of tales embracing a variety of genres. Something for everyone to dip into when they have a few moments to spare, with topics embracing fact, fiction, fantasy, history, humour, and more. The first story, The Actor, is set in Victorian London, when a good deed rekindles the memory of a dramatic event. This is followed by The Trip - did this out of body experience really happen?  Labyrinth has a surprising twist - would it have been better if a kind act had not been carried out? The Conversation speculates what could have been behind a real conversation heard through the wall of a hotel bedroom. There are still 35 more of these tales, including Robbing Hood, an amusing take on our favourite outlaw, Letters to Myself - a man mysteriously receives a missive from his older self, and The Woodcarver, an intriguing story of a craftsman who receives an unusual challenge. The collection ends with The Miracle - could it really have been one?

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