The Punishment, by Paul Clayton


A gripping first novel by actor Paul Clayton

The Punishment is a gripping first novel by actor Paul Clayton.

When ex-soap star Daniel Maple finds himself down on his luck and out of work, a chance meeting in a nightclub with an attractive young man provides an introduction to a world of crime. It’s not long before Daniel finds himself having to deal with corpses, a murderous undertaker, and an unseen stalker hellbent on revenge. Crime pays back in the strangest of ways A whirlwind of exploding crematoriums, car chases, and dark childhood mistakes come together on the night of a live soft soap opera broadcast in front of the nation.

Paul is a proud patron of Grimm and Co, the children’s literacy charity, based in his home town of Rotherham.

“Given that I’ve been working with so many exciting young children as writers in Rotherham, I thought it was time I had a go at telling a story myself. They say write about what you know so it’s set in a world I’m familiar with and is based partly on something that once happened to me."

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