The Last Waltz by P R Hollywood


The Last Waltz is a story of life.

Having to cope with troubled times that we all must be live through, when we think we will never laugh again. Finding a new way to survive, maybe not as we imagined, but still a life worth living.

It might make you cry, remembering your own personal journey when it seems you will never enjoy the simple things, but slowly you realize that life must go on.

Most of the story takes place on a luxury cruise liner where dreams are made of and real life is forgotten, for at least a few days.

A magical time of Black and White Balls, wonderful food, dancing in the ballroom, sailing to countries never visited, without the stress of airports and excess baggage.

A world of luxury and glamour awaits you. You feel like a star, in your fabulous new Evening dresses. The waiters and staff exceed your every wish, nothing is too much trouble.

Sadly the time comes when the cruise must end and real life beckons, but you have some wonderful memories to share with friends and family.

Who knows what life has in store for you in the future?

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