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In Safe Hands

10 July 2020

When nine children are snatched from a nursery school in South London, their distressed parents have…

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Viva Voluptuous
Ellie Johnston has just been dumped, and it’s seriously dented her ego. Not only…

08 July 2020

Silent Seas Chronicles
Tei has magic in a world where people like her are persecuted and forced into…

30 June 2020

From Strategy to Success
From Strategy to Success describes how to develop a winning strategy, devise…

22 June 2020

The Drysdale Confession
For more than fifty years the last words of Stephen Drysdale, executed for his…

22 June 2020

Get Paid
You’ve  worked hard for your money and you want to be paid.  Yes - you love your…

13 June 2020

The Funeral Birds
Dave Cavendish is ready to close his detective agency for good but then Ms…

09 June 2020

Rust Never Sleeps
Do you want to take a trip? How about a cruise on the Queen Mary, or a journey…

09 June 2020

As it is in Heaven 2
Breaking news just in – Professor Newton Flotman has been kidnapped. He was last…

09 June 2020

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