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The Writer's Group Handbook

18 July 2014

Thinking of setting, or perhaps joining, a writers’ group? This book has a good deal of practical…

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Writing The Self
If you are thinking of writing anything that falls into a biographical…

06 May 2014

365 Ways to Get You Writing
Write every day. For each day of the year Jane Cooper sets out a two-page spread…

12 July 2012

The Writer's Little Helper
The Writer's Little Helper is a small book jam-packed with big ideas,…

10 July 2012

The Writer's Treasury of Ideas
Linda Lewis' The Writer's Treasury of Ideas shows you how to go about mining…

18 June 2012

How to Get a Break as a Writer
How to Get a Break as a Writer is a book that explores a range of opportunities…

04 May 2012

Your Writing Coach
The best time to read Jurgen Wolff's book is just as you are considering a…

04 May 2012

Imagery and Writing
Ann Palmer's book is all about using pictures and other visual images (yes, even…

04 May 2012

Therapeutic Journal Writing
Writers are often involved in therapeutic writing sessions where troubled people…

25 May 2011

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