Bakerton by Phil Clinker


The first book in the “Bakerton Triangle” trilogy

Nothing ever happens in Bakerton …

Until the day one of the country’s richest bankers is brutally murdered in his mansion, along with several of his associates.

John Withers is sheriff of the towns that make up “The Triangle”: Bakerton, Thurlow Junction and Copper Ridge. And when he is called in to investigate the heinous crime, he is saddled with the problem of a special agent being sent in to help him out. But Withers is nothing if not unconventional, and he will carry out his work as only he can, and the agent will just have to lump it!

It soon becomes clear that there are actually two killers involved, and they are both set on a collision course which will threaten not only the sheriff and his deputies, but also the life of a young woman, the daughter of one of Withers’s best friends, who has gone missing.

That’s when the stakes get unbearably high.

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