A Step from the Shadows by Pauline North


Evil and revenge bring tragedy to the village of Valehurst.

Evil and revenge bring tragedy to the village of Valehurst.


In the course of less than a year multiple events throw a shadow of fear over Valehurst. It all begins when Billy, a dear friend of Beth and Jack, is viciously attacked during a robbery. Angered by the injuries he sustained, the young couple, together with their group of friends, resolve to discover the identities of the criminals and see that they face justice. This is only the first event in a year of pain and sorrow, with many other dangers to be faced. As well as the courage and resolve of the group and the unfailing support between them, they also have a secret advantage, Jack is a Green Man and his pagan heritage gives him the power to heal. It is unfortunate that he can’t raise the dead. Even when they begin to think the worst is over they must beware, someone from the past has come looking for revenge.

What does the future hold for Beth, Jack and their friends, can they greet the end of the year looking towards a bright future, will they finally take that step from the shadows?


A Step From the Shadows is the third book in the Green Man romantic thriller series.


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