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Your Nemesis, by BA McHallam

11 September 2019

Two detectives have to work fast to identify the myserious killer Nemesis before they're next on his…

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Between States by Sean Catt
On the day of Jake Palmer’s parent’s funeral when he thought things couldn’t get…

28 August 2019

Things behind the sun by Alan Orchard
Welcome, my friends, to a carnival of characters who strut across the darkened…

19 August 2019

The Putney Flat by Kate Garland
“The Putney Flat is a page-turning novella which blends literature with the…

03 April 2019

The Autumn Murders by S J Ridgway
Autumn 1888, the time of the Whitechapel Murders when five unfortunate women are…

26 September 2018

Masterclasses in Creative Writing
A how-to book that you can refer to, dip into, when you have a writing problem.…

18 July 2014

The Creative Writing Student's Handbook
Aimed at student-level writers, and therefore ideal for beginners, this kindle…

18 July 2014

The Writer's Group Handbook
Thinking of setting, or perhaps joining, a writers’ group? This book has a good…

18 July 2014

Oxford Dictionary of Synonyms and Antonyms
Searching for Synonyms (words similar in meaning) and Antonyms (words that mean…

18 July 2014

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