World Calligraphy Day: Say Something Special


23 July 2019
worldcalligraphy-71177.jpg World Calligraphy Day
Send a handwritten message to patients at Birmingham Children's Hospital


Send a handwritten message to patients at Birmingham Children's Hospital

Manuscript Pen Company has partnered with Birmingham Children's Hospital for a campaign to celebrate the third World Calligraphy Day, which is on 14 August. People are invited to send a letter, drawing, illustration or written note to child patients at the hospital.

Miranda Williams, public fundraising manager at Birmingham Children’s Hospital Charity, said: 'It’s important for our sick kids to be able to express themselves and how they’re feeling, and letter writing is a great way to do this. This year we’ll be supporting the campaign by encouraging our patients to put pen to paper and get creative in their writing.'

Charlie Stockbridge, managing director of Manuscript Pen Company said: 'Calligraphy, as a craft and skill, has seen a huge increase in interest and participants in the last three years or so. World Calligraphy Day is not only a celebration of the traditional art, but every way in which you can put pen to paper. Stationery can be used in so many ways. There is no better way than spread love, joy and friendship. The Say Something Special campaign aims to do just that!'

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