Ten poetry publishers and magazines


01 October 2020
For National Poetry Day, we've rounded up ten places to submit your poetry. Most even pay!

If you're feeling inspired this National Poetry Day, you here are some publishers and magazines who might consider your poems. Some are paying markets, some are small presses, but any could be an outlet for your work


Shooter literary magazine is open for submissions for its Winter 21 issue on the theme of ‘Animal Love’ up to 18 October. Submit original, unpublished short fiction at least 2,000 words long, and poetry related to the relationship between humans and animals of any kind. Include a brief biography. Shooter pays £25 per published story and £5 per published poem.

Website: https://shooterlitmag.com/


Confrontation Magazine is one of the rare literary journals which wants poetry and pays well for it. This well established, highly thought of American journal is open for subs each year between 15 September and 15 April. Submit up to five poems online using the Submittable system. 

Confrontation also publishes some prose. For fiction they want stories, no more than 7,200 words, and flash fiction, 500 words or fewer, is also accepted, up to five pieces. The team seek ‘quality of writing and thought or imagination,’ and they will accept genre fiction if it has literary merit and/or it ‘transcends or challenges genre’. For non-fiction, 1,500-5,000 words, they accept ‘personal as well as cultural, political and other kinds of essays,’ as well as self-contained excepts from memoirs. International (ie not US) writers must submit prose by email: [email protected]. Do not use the online system which is for poetry only. Attach work in a doc or rtf file. Simultaneous submission are reluctantly accepted – don’t do it - but reprints and multiple subs are not. Response time is ‘within three to four months.’ 

Payment is $75-$200, ‘more for commissioned work’.

Website: http://confrontationmagazine.org


Poetry Wales is inviting submissions for issue 56.3 from 1 October to 1 January. The focus for this issue is the environment and climate change. Writers are asked to send six poems and a cover letter explaining any context you think is necessary. The payment for accepted poems is £20 per page. Writers who would like to contribute articles should send a feature pitch.

Website: https://poetrywales.co.uk/


Wasafiri literary magazine and academic journal re-opens for submissions on 5 October for fiction and poetry submissions. Writers may send original, unpublished fiction between 4,000 and 6,000 words, and up to five poems. All work must be original and previously unpublished. Articles, essays, reviews and interviews on international literary and cultural topics may be submitted all year round. 

Website: www.wasafiri.org


Short fiction, poetry and art from around the world is wanted by Manchester based Cōnfingō magazine which is published in print twice a year.

Submissions should be original and unpublished and there are no restrictions on style or genre. Fiction should be a maximum 5,000 words and submit no more than three poems each of a maximum fifty lines. Artwork must be high-res and suitable for printing to A5 size.

Payment for published work is £20. An excerpt from your work may be featured on the website and/or media channels and although there is no payment for this you will receive full credit along with links to your website. Email fiction/poetry to: [email protected]

Check website for current submissions dates: www.confingopublishing.uk




The London Magazine is open for submissions of structured poetry up to forty lines, traditional and experimental short fiction up to 4,000 words and non-fiction essays between 800 and 2,000 words. All submissions must be original and unpublished. Submit through the online submission system.

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Website: www.thelondonmagazine.org


A poetry magazine which has been around for over forty years and is still going strong, Arc Poetry has a reading period which closes on 31 December.

‘We feature poetry that is woozy, cunning, shearing and wild-like and prose that offers new perspectives on the verse you thought you knew,’ say guidelines.

There are no restrictions on subject or form for submissions but they should be unpublished, written in English or a translation into English. 

Submissions are limited to a maximum of three poems or 360 lines of poetry each calendar year. If submitting more than one poem send each separately and include your biography with each.

The magazine also publishes prose from Canadian writers and topics relating to Canadian poetry plus 1,500-2,000 words essays, in-depth interviews with poets and 250 word How Poems Work feature columns. See website for further details.

Payment rates for First Canadian Serial rights are Can$50 per page for poetry, essays, interviews and $50 for How Poems Work columns. You will also receive a copy of the magazine containing your work.

Submit using the link on the website and you should gain a response within 4-6 months.

Website: http://arcpoetry.ca/submit

Yavanika Press is an international publisher based in India. They publish the tri-annual literary and arts journal, Sonic Boom, as well as a range of mini and full length chapbooks. They seek work with ‘unforgettable lines… pulsating images, and… attempts at breaking out of the mould.’ As well as the magazine the team publish mini-chapbooks, and chapbooks of poetry, short prose, and mixed genre/hybrid works, and Japanese short-form poetry.

Sonic Boom opens for submissions this month, for poetry, Japanese short-forms, prose and visual art. 

Chapbook submissions are always open now, for chapbooks of poetry, Japanese short-forms, prose and mixed-genre.

Website: https://yavanikapress.wixsite.com/home/




Vallum is a Canadian biannual literary journal dedicated to poetry. The editorial team proudly proclaim that ‘Poetry isn’t dead; Vallum is where it thrives!’ They publish poetry, interviews, reviews, essays, audio, video, and letters to the editor all of which are accepted year-round. Be aware though that issues are usually themed and subs must fit the theme. As one of Canada’s top poetry journals with an international focus, the team ‘encourages dialogue between Quebec and the rest of Canada and acclaimed and emerging artists from the other countries around the world.’ There is a shortened digital version online which allows writers to see what the team like. 

Submit work online. Their ‘Ideal submissions are well-crafted, fresh and edgy’. Submissions that deepen their understanding of what poetry is and can be are welcomed. Open to most styles, ‘whether experimental or traditional’ they do prefer work written with the underlying theme in mind. 

Response time is ‘slow to reasonable’. All contributors are paid, for First North American Serial Rights.

Website: www.vallummag.com

And of course, don't forget to enter our regular poetry competitions. At any point there's at least one running. For more information, see our competitions page

And if you feel the need to improve your poetry, or challenge yourself to learn more, check out our Poetry home study Creative Writing Course, with one-to-one tuition from an acccomplished poet

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