Richard & Judy Search for a Bestseller winner announced


15 June 2017
caz-49971.jpg Sweet Little Lies
Caz Frear wins a two-book deal with Bonnier Zaffre worth £50,000


Caz Frear wins a two-book deal with Bonnier Zaffre worth £50,000

Caz's debut, crime thriller Sweet Little Lies, will be published on 29 June, and stocked in WH Smith stores across the UK.

Richard & Judy launched the Search for a Bestseller competition in March last year, with the prize of a two-book publishing contract with Bonnier Zaffre and literary representation from Furniss Lawton.

Richard & Judy said: ‘The competition was tough but Caz Frear was the stand out choice to us.  Her storytelling ability, distinctive voice and fantastic grasp of character really impressed us.  An exciting new talent has entered the world of crime fiction!’

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‘Saying this is a dream-come-true doesn’t even scratch the surface!' said Caz. 'Seeing my book on the shelves and finally being able to call myself a published author hasn’t just been a dream, it’s been an obsession for as long as I can remember and I’m so, so grateful to everyone who was involved in choosing Sweet Little Lies as the winner’.



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