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15 March 2012
imports_WRI_0-t0q8h3wh-100000_68521.jpg Read a subscriber's sci-fi serial online
In this month's Member's News, Sam Kearns tells us about his 12-episode series for Big World Network ...
In this month's Member's News, Sam Kearns tells us about his 12-episode series for Big World Network

‘I have been commissioned to write a twelve-episode season for,’ writes Sam. ‘It’s a website that promises to offer quality literary entertainment in episodic format. The series is named The Darkness under the Rainbow and it premiered on 9 February.

‘It is incredibly exciting to be involved with such an ambitious project. The goal of bigworldnetwork is to bring the serialised story back into modern consciousness. As Jim McGovern, CEO of bigworldnetwork, says: The concept isn’t new – Charles Dickens wrote in a serialised format – but it is unique in our day of technology with audiobooks and ebooks. We want to put a fresh spin on the concept of serialised, episodic literature, also including the option of audio, for the entertainment of our readers and listeners.

‘The Darkness under the Rainbow details the experiences of the survivors of the Terus Cataclysm, an event that caused three separate civilisations to tear themselves apart. Told through one-to-one interviews, the discovery and subsequent colonising of the infamous “pleasure planet” is told in honest, frightening detail. If you’re like me and you love tense, dramatic science fiction, then you will enjoy this dystopic, outer-space mystery.

‘There is a plethora of material on bigworldnetwork, with more to be added very shortly. From informative non-fiction to engaging works of art from across a host of genres, I am a firm believer that there is a story for every possible reader on the site. With a rating system and genre tags, choosing between series couldn’t be easier.

‘You can subscribe – for free – to bigworldnetwork to receive weekly chapters, ebooks and audio episodes. All content is downloadable from the website in PDF and e-reader format. I implore you to give the service a try and find a new way of indulging in thrilling literature.’

You can keep up with Sam's serial here:
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