Poetry prize: Nature and Place Poetry Competition 2017


06 December 2016
RSPB_Rialto-39806.jpg RSPB/Rialto
The Rialto is calling for entries to its Nature and Place Poetry Competition 2017


The Rialto is calling for entries to its Nature and Place Poetry Competition 2017

The competition is run in partnership with RSPB, BirdLife International and the Cambridge Conservation Initiative, and will be judged by poet Kathleen Jamie.
The poetry magazine and its conservation partners are encouraging poets to submit work in response to the competition theme, ‘Nature and Place Poetry’.
The money raised from the competition will go on supporting direct conservation work for some of the most vulnerable wildlife in the UK.
 Editor of The Rialto, Michael Mackmin said: 'The judge will give a very wide interpretation to our theme of 'nature and place’. The competition will help raise funds to support RSPB. It will also raise the profile of contemporary poetry and The Rialto with new audiences.'
Matt Howard from the RSPB said: 'Poets have always written about the natural world and this competition is a way for them to take a direct step to work for the wellspring that provides so much inspiration. Creative engagement with our shared environment is ever-more important, particularly at a time when the state of nature is under such pressures from the way we live our lives.'

You can enter online by visiting submit online. Postal entries are also accepted. Please visit the website to download the entry form.

The closing date is 1 March.

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