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11 August 2017
tobecontinued-email-animated-94919.jpeg tobecontinued
The tobecontinued project, organised by, will produce a single work of fiction by thousands of UK authors today invites authors across the UK and Ireland to contribute to its new collective fiction writing experiment, tobecontinued...

Believed to be the first of its type in the world, tobecontinued... will see works of fiction grow by different authors submitting paragraphs that develop the story – step-by-step.

Writers will get a unique opportunity to develop plots and characters with other writers to produce a final collective story.

Tobecontinued... is aimed at all writers but especially at genre authors just starting to think about writing their first book but never have the time to get started and need a helping hand. The experiment features six genres for writers to select from and to start the stories off, Lulu has invited guest writers to write the first 200 words of each of the genres.
The guest writers range from traditional published authors, independently-published authors and first time writers who are still to write a novel.

Tobecontinued... is being supported by the Brighton Festival’s Storytelling Army and Nabokov Theatre. Partners also include Prolifiko, a digital productivity coach for writing.

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To get involved in the stories or to watch them unfold, follow LuluUK on social media: Facebook, Twitter or the blog. Or use hashtag #tobecontinued.


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