Creative writing prizes: Green Stories Writing Competitions


29 April 2020
Enter full length adult novels and stories for children

The current wave of the free-entry eco-themed creative writing competitions from the University of Southampton offers competitions for green-themed adult novels and children's stories.

The competitions are intended to show, through the creative arts, what a sustainable society might look like. All entries should have transformative elements integrated into the storylines.

• The adult novel competition is for full-length, original, unpublished manuscripts. There is first prize of £750, and second and third prizes of £100 and £50, with additional £50 prizes for best student submission and best year 18 submission. Entry is free. The closing date is 2 June.

• Stories for children: There are £200 prizes in two categories: for children aged 2-6 (enter up to 1,000 words) and young readers (enter up to 2,500 words). Enter original, unpublished stories. Entry is free. The closing date is 14 September.

For full details see the website.

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