Arts Council England launches £160 million Covid-19 support fund


25 March 2020
Emergency funding will be available to organisations and individuals working in the cultural sector who are affected by the coronavirus crisis

£90 million will be made available to National Portfolio Organisations, £50 million to organisations not in receipt of regular Arts Council funding, and £20 million to individual artists, creative practitioners and freelances.

Individuals affected by the crisis will be able to apply for grants of up to £2,500 if they have a track record in publicly funded culture. Funds will be available to practitioners in the following creative disciplines: music, theatre, dance, visual arts, literature, combined arts and museums practice. Writers, editors and translators are included.

The Arts Council is also looking to provide £4 million from this £20 million budget for grants to benevolent funds targetted at other cultural workers.

Applications will open on 30 March, when detailed guidance on how to apply will also be available. Potential applicatants will need to register by 3 April.

For full details see the website.



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