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Vengeance is Mine, Maritta Jayne


Enthusiastic self-publisher Maritta Jayne introduces her writing and her debut novel

It was not until my father died in 2000, following a lengthy illness, that I decided to try to make a go of my writing and achieve something with it,’ says Maritta Jayne. ‘My childhood was unremarkable – I was born at the end of 1961 and brought up in the South Wales valleys, the eldest of three children – and I was never academically minded at school, but always loved to write.

Since 2000, I have completed two courses with the Writers Bureau. The first in 2007 when I completed the Comprehensive Writing Course.

Almost three years ago, I decided to write my first book and, at that point, had a bit of a rude awakening. I was just about at the point where I was thinking that all I had to do then was hand it to a publisher, and I could sit back and wait for the money to start rolling in. No such luck! It was only then that I was informed that if I wanted to see the money rolling in, I was going to have to earn it. As if writing the whole thing was not enough! I was going to have to be prepared to market both the book and me, myself. That meant getting out and letting me, and the book, be known, myself. No-one was going to do that for me, even if, like my protagonist, I was confined to a wheelchair. With that in mind, I then completed the How to Market Your Book course with the Writers Bureau too.

Then, with the help of Writing Magazine, I found York Publishing Services. They guided me through the minefield that is self-publishing, thus avoiding any more rejection letters. However, as I found, it was expensive. There was not going to be the ‘pot of gold’ at the end of the rainbow as I had hoped, but at least I would be published. Now my first book Vengeance is Mine has just been released, available from YPDBooks.com in paperback at £9.99, and in ebook and Kindle versions at £3.99.

It is a mystery; set in a picturesque village known as Saxon Glade, and it tells the story of a series of tragic events which occurred during the summer months of the previous year. It begins when one man, Peter Jackson, inherits the family business following the death of his uncle, and tells of how Peter ends up in prison after killing a young boy playing in the street, whilst drunk-driving.
Tragedy strikes again when the factory, situated at the edge of the village on an industrial estate, explodes and is obliterated, along with many of the others on the estate. Most of the villagers worked in the factory, or one of the adjoining factories, and there was no-one else who could have been suspected of any wrong doing. Even the boy’s father, who had been swearing vengeance, had disappeared.
All of this is seen through the eyes of Camila Edge, a renowned mystery writer often seen wandering around the village in search of a story. And if she could solve a mystery along the way, so much
the better.


My writing day

My typical writing day does not really exist. I tend to take things as they come. I get up at a reasonable hour and spend some time looking after myself and the flat for a while. By that time, it is at least mid-morning. Then I check emails, post, texts while my computer is waking up. Then I begin with whatever is left outstanding. I don’t have a set plan but like to try to finish one thing off before I start anything new. That way I don’t get over-loaded with tasks on the go. This is sometimes unavoidable,’ Maritta admits. ‘My biggest bug-bear is the phone ringing, or the doorbell going as it will, inevitably, distract me. Once that happens, I find it particularly difficult when that happens to get back into whatever it was that I was doing. That is usually a good time to stop for a cup of tea, or a bit of lunch.


My writing space

I write in my spare bedroom. Kitted out with lower-than-usual desks in the far corner. This is usually looking like the average bomb site with files right around the walls; some of them open, others stored away. My computer has pride of place in the corner where there is a space for my legs. Underneath are various bits and pieces; a printer to the left, and a scanner to the right. All of which are used relatively frequently. There are two shelves which are covered in ornaments and family photos, both on the wall by the window and the one opposite too, and a bookcase which is slightly overloaded to the right of the door. Underneath the cabinets there are two drawers which are three drawers deep; So, I am ready for anything. Here’s to the future! 

Vengeance is Mine is out now. Order your copy from YPD Books.com

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