The 22 most thoughtful gift ideas for aspiring writers


Writers are seen to be at their happiest with just a piece of paper and a pen. So, when it comes to gift ideas you may find yourself getting stumped.




Writers are seen to be at their happiest with just a piece of paper and a pen. So, when it comes to gift ideas you may find yourself getting stumped. We have compiled a list of 22 of the most thoughtful gifts you can give. The most important thing to think about when buying a gift is the person themselves, so, we have also ensured all these gifts, as well as being a nice surprise, really do show that a lot of thought has gone into them.



1 - Diary

Writers are notorious for planning, whether it be something important like the plot to their next best-seller, or just whose birthday is next. However, a lot of aspiring writers just can’t keep track of time and dates, due to getting lost in the plot of a story. Plus, this gift can work in your favour, because you can make sure they don’t miss your catch-up next week (again.) One example is our brand-new 'Writing Magazine 2019 Diary,' with pages of writing inspiration, tips and motivation.

– USB Typewriter

You probably weren’t aware of this but yes, you can now buy a typewriter to replace your boring old keyboard. Writers love to feel their writing is unique and with this typewriter, it’s difficult not to feel unique. Give a gift which will be the envy of every member of your writing group, and leave them feeling retro-chic year-round.


3 – A mug

It’s not just a joke that aspiring writers need their coffee. Sometimes an idea will appear out of nowhere at 3am, and you have to write it down before you forget it. But if a writer is writing the idea down, before long they will be 100 pages into their newest book and on their sixth mug of coffee. Take this a step further and choose a mug with an inspirational quote or a lovely photograph on it (like this one) to make it that bit more thoughtful.


4 – Writing Magazine subscription

The gift that keeps on giving throughout the year, why not purchase a 12-month subscription? Packed with the latest news, competitions and so much more from the wonderful world of writing. Plus, this year we are offering a free gift full of everything a writer could need; with everything from a USB stick for your files and diary full of inspiration to a sachet of coffee and emergency biscuits. So, purchase a 12-month subscription and the recipient will also receive a kit full of writing goodies.


5 – Snacks

Just about everyone would love to receive snacks, anything sugary and sweet. Writers, however, need to keep their energy up, and as much as they wish it did, coffee does not fill you up. So, get energy reviving snacks, and make sure they remember to feed their writing brain. However, do make sure they like all the snacks you buy. To ensure they can pick their favourite snacks, try Graze


6- Sticky notes

At school you covered your work book in post-its to help you remember every piece of information. Writers need to make notes too, and sticky notes are a great way of keeping changes to their book in the right place – without writing on the page itself. Also, sticky notes come in a variety of styles, from flowers to diaries, so you really can cater to what they love. How thoughtful!


7 – Fun jewellery

The saying goes ‘wear your heart on your sleeve,’ so why not take that a step further and buy them cufflinks in the shape of a pen, or a bracelet with a book charm? This keepsake will be a constant form of inspiration wherever they go, and remind them to keep writing.

8 – Dictionary or thesaurus

Even the best writers sometimes need some help thinking of that word on the tip of their tongue, or need a little push in the right direction when it comes to spelling. Although we now turn to phones to check the spelling of a word, there really is no better place to check than the official dictionary. If you purchase a pocket dictionary they can also take this wherever they go, and never miss the chance to write using seamless wording.


9 – Aqua Notes

Research shows that aspiring writers tend to get ideas whilst in the shower, so make sure this writer has the power to make notes even when they are least expecting to need to. The worst time to come up with an idea is when soaking wet, because the paper gets ruined and the pen slips out of your hand. So, conquer this dilemma with waterproof equipment, such as Aqua Notes.

10 – Fitness activities

People write for many different reasons, some because they just can’t get enough and want to share their talent and others to help relieve stress and anxiety. If a writer is feeling stressed or anxious they may need an excuse to get out the house and get active. So, why not be the person to give them the chance? Not everyone would want a gym membership, so look into other options such as; Clubbercise, aqua-aerobics or even rock-climbing. Think about what they would most enjoy and help encourage some healthy exercise.


11 – A writer’s retreat

If you’re looking to send a hard-working writer away for a break, why not find a writer’s retreat. Writers are very unlikely to want to leave the pen and paper at home, so give the luxury of having a break away, without missing the chance to write about it. The scenery surrounding writing retreats varies, so find out where they would like to set their story before booking. This way you can send them somewhere that can really inspire them and help them visualise their book showing them the thought you have put into this gift. Not only can they roam around in beautiful scenery, but also, they can do what they love in the perfect place surrounded by likeminded people. Looking for a tranquil and scenic retreat? Why not take a look at Garsdale Retreat

12 – Word games

Everyone loves a board game, and what’s better for a writer than a bit of word-play? There are many different games to fill this game-shaped hole in a writer’s heart, but knowing how writers are they probably need something for on-the-go. One option is Travel Scrabble, the tiles clip into the board and it can be packed away midgame without losing your place. Another is Boggle, with a 3-minute time limit it really is perfect for a busy writer who could do with a little down time.


13 – Writing Courses

If the writer doesn’t have experience in the writing world, or maybe they have decided to look into a new genre. Why not buy them the chance to learn everything they could need to know, with an experienced tutor? They will get assignments designed to suit their personal requirements and receive the course pack by post or PDF on an email. It really is all suited to help them write to the best of their ability. Moreover, with two years to complete the course, and feedback from their tutor throughout, it really will last them a lifetime.


14 – A leisure suit

Not many people have heard of the leisure suit for a while, however it has recently made a comeback and is back on trend. A leisure suit is a must for all aspiring, and current, writers. The leisure suit is basically a matching jacket or hoodie and some form of bottoms. Unlike your traditional black-tie event suit, this is made for comfort, making it perfect for the writer who sits on the sofa with their coffee writing/typing away. This may not be made for fashion, but is sure to become the home-working outfit of choice for the average comfort-loving writer.


15 – Book of inspiration

There are many books available which are full of inspiration for writers, however to make this gift even more thoughtful why not make it unique by adding pictures of the writer in situations that inspired them, or writing little memories to spark an idea. Therefore, you can really interpret this in many ways and make it suit the writer, whether you purchase a pre-written book or create a scrapbook full of ideas.


16 – Stress relief!

Aspiring writers are most likely going to experience stress, maybe they write 3,000 words and then realise they have a better idea and it involves nothing that they wrote previously. But what can you buy them to relieve the stress? A stress ball. Get creative and buy one with an image of something they really don’t like, then they will squeeze it even harder. So, next time the stress is building, they can turn to your gift, and rather than throw something across the room, they can keep calm and carry on.


17 – Flavoured Coffee

Flavoured tea has become extremely popular, but did you know you can also buy flavoured coffee? Coffee is full of the energy every writer needs, and believe us, they can't get enough of the stuff. When an aspiring writer needs a push in the right direction they will soon reach for the coffee, but with a pack of flavoured coffees the necessity will become a quirky and enjoyable treat too.

18 – Door sign

Every aspiring writer should have a place of tranquillity, where the only noises are a pens inscription on the page, and gentle relaxing sounds. Help them to ensure no one will disturb them with a individualised sign. Make it suit them by getting it design specially with words they really would use to ask people to leave (even if they are a little offensive), this will show you have put thought into the gift and will be even more meaningful.


19 - Spectacle and lens wipes

One of the most common ailments among writers is eye strain. When writing a book, it is very likely the writer will stare at the page for hours on end without taking a break. This strains their eyes and can cause the need for glasses. And one of the worst things for those who wear glasses, at least in our opinion, is that little smudge on the lens. It always seems to be right where you need to see the most and is very distracting, and sometimes the cloth you get free with your glasses doesn’t quite do the job. Spectacle and lens wipes, may sound like a boring present, but it really is a necessity.


20 - Literary candles?

There are an array of candles available for writers, and not just the ones you’re thinking of. Obviously, there are themed candles available from the well-known sagas like Harry Potter to Twilight (pick your fandom wisely), but also you really can make a writer’s office smell like home. Home, however, being the library. Writers and non-writers alike are overwhelmed by the smell of books, old or new, and now this has been encased in a perfect wax mould. You can even choose their favourite scent, whether it be old books, new books or ancient scrolls!


21 - Fountain pens

Okay, so granted we said we would suggest gifts other than pen and paper. But, a fountain pen is so much more than your average biro. It takes writers to a new world; the writing is more beautiful on the page and it really brings an aesthetic writers love. Plus, it feels much more formal when you write with what looks like an ancient pen from years ago.


22 - Relaxation record

We know most people are now using their phones to listen to music, but there is nothing more calming and atmospheric than the sound of a needle scratching a record. Then again, if the record is filled with relaxing sound such as whale calls or bird sounds too, what more could you ask for? We have already mentioned writing is stressful and giving options to help an aspiring writer to relieve the stress, but what if they didn’t get to the point where they felt stressed? Natural sounds are known to be relaxing and encourage the body to release endorphins, so amplifying them with a record player will really help keep the stress at bay.


So, to recap, although an aspiring writer needs only a pen, some paper and an idea, you really can help them by gifting something that will keep them going. We all need motivation to do things, even if they are our passion, and writing is a prime example. With this in mind, as well as ensuring the gift will help them on their writing journey, make it fun and specific to them. This way the gift will be both practical and most importantly appreciated.

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