Creative Christmas writing exercise


Be inspired to try something different and stop the season of over indulgence clogging up your creative writing!

Have a creative Christmas with some free-range writing!

Christmas is a brilliant source of material for every kind of writing, and writing is a brilliant way of taking some much-needed you-time when things feel hectic or emotional. So, this year, why not treat yourself to a few delicious writing breaks with a Christmas themed free-range writing foray, from Jenny Alexander.

Don’t worry about writing well. Just write whatever comes and stick to the time limits – that will help you not to feel intimidated by the blank page, or worry prematurely about writing well. Personal writing and first drafts are not supposed to be good. As Hemingway famously said, the first draft of anything is sh*t! That is a true and liberating thought.

Poetry: Happy Christmas!

Write a rhyming Christmas card greeting to someone you love. What do you wish for them? Make it as cheesy as you like!

Write another one for someone you don’t like at all. It needn’t be a personal acquaintance – I can think of a few public figures I do not admire. What do you wish for them? Use your poetic art to transform your baser instincts, which may not be polite, and make it a positive wish.

Take twenty minutes in total. If you have time left over after two, write some more. Notice and enjoy the positive wishes you have for your family, neighbours and friends.

Take a creative break from the madness with our final Christmas exercise on Christmas Eve

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