Treating your writing mum this Mother's Day


You surely celebrate your mother every day, but splash out and make her feel special this mother's day with our top gift ideas for creative writing mums


Mother's Day 2019 is upon us!


Though we are sure you celebrate your mother every day, we are soon given the chance to splurge and dedicate the day to her.

That’s a lot of pressure to put on one day though. How can you possibly show how much you love and appreciate her in just one day? The simple answer, which every commercial will be advertising, is with extravagant gifts. Maybe a TV which has £100 off, or that jet ski she doesn’t need but is a great deal!

We assume your mum isn’t asking for a TV or jet ski, not today at least.

Mother’s Day gifts are really difficult to choose, especially when Christmas has only just happened. To help you along the way, we have compiled a list of 10 Mother’s Day gift ideas for mums who love writing.


1 – A healthy spring clean

Not in the sense of buying your mum a new vacuum, but instead helping her tidy up her writing space. The saying states ‘tidy room, tidy mind’ but writers don’t necessarily stick to this. In fact, it’s very rare for a writer to have a clear desk with only their pen and pad on it. That being said, all the items cluttering up your mum’s desk are probably necessities! So, why not choose a Mother’s Day gift that will help your mum’s wellbeing. We suggest a desk tidy, but not a boring one, pick one that she will love. Choose a desk tidy and you can add any design to make it personal and a present she will really appreciate. For example, if she loves flowers you could add some flower stickers or press flowers onto the wooden surface.


2 – Learning doesn’t have to end with school

You’ve most likely heard your mum say she wishes she had taken that course when she was 16, but she was young and just wanted to party. We all feel like we missed out due to the folly of youth sometimes, but most of the time this simply isn’t the case. Luckily with writing you are never too old to try it out, improve and finally publish a book. This Mother’s Day could be the start of the road, to your mum holding her very own book thanks to our great range of courses. We offer courses to suit every writer, whatever their lifestyle. Full time or part-time writer, whether writing is a hobby or her job, our courses are completed in the student’s own time and tutored by professionals.


3 – Even pens can be special

At school everyone had a little excitement about getting to use ‘those’ pens. The ones which wrote so beautifully and made you think about the story you wanted to tell before writing in your perfect cursive writing. What better way to ensure no mistakes are made, than to have that pen in your hand to use whenever you want? Think about the stress your mum feels when she writes the wrong letter, let alone when she writes a whole chapter in third person instead of first. You will be the reason she doesn’t feel that stress when she is using your Mother’s Day gift.


4 – A year’s worth of appreciation

Mother’s look after their children 24/7, not just for one day a year. So, why not treat her with a gift she will receive every month! With Writing Magazine mum will receive the latest writing news, competitions with cash prizes, top tips from real writers and even more. Oh, and because it’s Mother’s Day, we have a special offer for the special lady in your life. If you click our special link, your Mother’s Day subscription will have 20% discount, and your mother will never miss out on the best writing advice.


5 – Writers love to read

This is a simple fact, which we tend to forget. When you think of a writer, automatically you think of the writing aspect. However, in order to fall in love with writing, you must first of all read the most beautiful versions of it. Your mother may have even read to you when you were little. If she did, can you remember what book it was? If she didn’t, do you know what her favourite book is? If one of those answers is yes, then why not buy her a special edition of that book, showing you really listen to her and know what she likes. Maybe she was a Potterhead and loved her Harry Potter, or a Twi-Mom with a Twilight obsession,  or maybe you shared the Enid Blyton and Beatrix Potter books she in turn read with her mother. Either way, and without any fan wars, a special edition can become a keepsake for years to come with a sense of nostalgia and cherished memories.


6 – The story she knows so well

The best story is the one you live. If your mum has a partner, why not get them involved in her passion. We already know mum is a great writer, but how will she cope when writing about her love life, with her partner also filling in the pages. ‘I Love You’ is an activity book in which you mum can write about something she knows everything about, whilst learning a little bit about her love too. This writing activity isn’t one she needs to stress about, and it is a lovely way for her to share her passion but also not feel as though she is working.


7 – ‘I need to write this down’

Mothers are naturally forgetful, but can you blame them? There is so much for them to think and worry about. So, when she has a great idea it can sometimes get lost before it hits the paper. Why not get her a voice recorder, and then she can record her thoughts no matter when they come to her? We suggest buying a small one which she can fit in her handbag, and isn’t too heavy to take everywhere.


8 – Enhancing her finished piece

Has your mum finished, or very nearly finished, her book? As writers we tend to go back to the first page and want to rewrite it. It isn’t as good as the last page, and the book needs to be perfect. At school we could visit our teacher during our lunch break to ask for their thoughts on our homework. Unfortunately, after a certain age, we don’t have those resources. So, how can we receive unbiased advice on improving our work?

There is a simple and effective answer – Writing critique services. Your mum’s work will be sent to a professional, published writer and she will receive valuable feedback on the writing, and practical advice on how to present it.

If you would like to talk to our dedicated team feel free to email us, or call 01778 392 492, and we will help you find the best choice for your mother. 


9 – The writing game

Everyone, no matter what their age, loves a game. It not only stimulates the mind, but also gets the family together. As a mother, your mum will naturally love to spend time with you, but how often does the game also help her with her favourite hobby, or job? The Writer’s Toolbox is a creative game, which includes exercises and inspiration for writing, and does not allow for the dreaded writer’s block. Choose a card and create your very own story, take it in turns to add to it in the allotted time, and see what you can come up with!

We can’t guarantee the story will be a bestseller, but we can promise you will have fun together while you get the ideas flowing.


10 – A book you can put down

As a writer, mum is naturally a reader too. However, she most likely chooses books which require hardcore dedication and concentration, and as great as these books can be, they can be draining sometimes (especially if your mum is struggling to write 2 words at the time.) So, why not buy her a book that she can feel content putting down for a couple of hours, or days, and come back to without having to re-read the last 3 chapters.

Unfortunately, something else which is common in writers is mental health problems. Recently mental health has become less of a taboo subject; however, it is still a subject some people prefer not to talk about. Which makes Natasha Devon’s book ‘A Beginner’s Guide to Being Mental : An A-Z’ a great mix of the two. Not only does this book show how mental health is something which doesn’t need to stop your mum from writing, but also, it’s a book you don’t need to study intensely.


Turns out, the sky really is the limit when it comes to Mother’s Day gifts, and she really will appreciate the thought no matter what. That’s the great thing about mums, they love you no matter what, just remember these last three crucial points-

  • Don’t forget the card
  • Even if you live a million miles away, give her a call, visit her and tell her you love her as much as possible
  • Remember a ‘mum’ isn’t necessarily your biological mother, maybe you were brought up by someone else, like a friend or a grandparent. Treat them too!

Now it’s time to start shopping and showing the love, click the links in the subtitles to see products similar to those mentioned in this article.