Inspiration Month: Day 8


08 June 2016
Inspiration-Month8-04962.jpg Inspiration Day 8
A month of prompts from Writing Magazine to inspire your creative writing

Throughout the month of June, we'll be posting you a daily creative writing prompt. Sometimes these will be a single word, sometimes a storyline to follow. It might be an exercise, it might be an idea to get you started. Make sure you check back every day for your new prompt, and let us know on Facebook and Twitter how you've used them. We're looking forward to seeing what you do with them:

Today's prompt is:

Pick a letter. What’s the longest sentence you can make in which every word starts with it? What about every word including it? And the longest sentence without that letter at all?

Bit of a brain-teaser, today! But if you do it, it will exercise the problem-solving part of your writer's brain and encourage you to concentrate on choosing just the right word for the job.


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Write this today. Tomorrow, we'll give you a new Writing Magazine prompt.


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