Inspiration Month: Day 30


30 June 2016
Inspiration-Month30-53437.jpg Inspiration Day 30
A month of prompts from Writing Magazine to inspire your creative writing

Throughout the month of June, we've been posting you a daily creative writing prompt. Sometimes these have been a single word, sometimes a storyline to follow. It might have be an exercise, it might been an idea to get you started. Today is the last day of the month and so this is our last prompt. Let us know on Facebook and Twitter how you've used them. And if you have't had a chance to use them all, you'll be able to go back to the ones you've missed if you're looking for a spark to get your creativity flowing.

Today's prompt is:

Loose change

All those bits of shrapnel in the bottom of your purse, or pockets. Or could it mean something else? For your last writing prompt, gather together all the odds and ends of ideas and language that you've collected over our Inspiration Month but aren't sure what to do with, and see if you can make them all add up.


Write this today. This is the last prompt in Writing Magazine'e Inspiration Month 2016.

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