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Gifts for dads who love to write



Father’s Day is creeping up on us, and it’s time to start thinking of a present that will show Dad just how much you love him. From reading you bedtime stories until you fell asleep, to helping you with your English homework, what would you do without him? And to help with some inspiration, we’ve put together this handy list of gift ideas for dad’s who love to write.


So, read on if your Dad is a ‘book buff’, a ‘writer in the making’, or just loves all things stationery!


Gifts are numbered 1-7 with 1 being the cheapest, and 7 as the most expensive.


1 - The notebook of Kings (£3.97)

Though your Dad probably isn’t HRH, most of us believe there is no better man in the world. He protects us, rules the land (or at least we let him think that) and is a real hero. But, even if he’s the best Father to have ever lived, he probably still forgets the occasional loaf of bread or pint of milk, or jots down story ideas on little bits of paper here there and everywhere. So, there really is no better gift than a notebook. With this gift he will have a place to note down everything, no matter how big or small. Plus, with the addition of ‘Best Dad Ever’ he will have a constant reminder of how loved and appreciated he is by you. 

This notebook is available on Amazon, and can be purchased by clicking here. 


2 - Organised stationery can be manly (£7.99)

When you browse the shops, most pencil cases are covered in either Disney princesses or Minecraft. The rest are one colour, small, and a rectangle. But just because dad is an adult now, that doesn’t mean he can’t have a pencil case that feels special, though if he wants one with Elsa and Anna on then we’re totally for that too. However, if he does prefer a slightly more mature option, this could meet all his writing needs and then some! This is not just one, but three pencil cases, in matching felt but different styles, so he can carry around a variety of items, or designate them to carry different things. If he doesn’t have enough stationary to fill all three, one could be a wallet or glasses case, or a 'pocket-tidy' for all those chargers, gadgets and gizmos it's always useful for dads to keep close. You really can buy a dad-style pencil case without it being neon blue and only fitting 4 pens in!



3 - SOCKS! (£10.99)

Ever the cliché, socks are what dads get for Christmas, birthdays, any occasion. But these are rarely special or fun, and that’s where you come in. What’s your dad’s favourite book? Which book did he read you every night when you were younger? If you can name it, you can find it on a sock. The ones pictured here are Harry Potter themed with the Hogwarts logo on. Another cliché is that all writers drink lots of coffee… but it's a cliché for good reason! After writing and being creative for hours on end, dad’s naturally going to feel tired. Coffee is a quick fix for this, allowing him to carry on and not lose his train of thought. So, we have found a gift which ticks the ‘socks’, ‘fandom’ and ‘coffee’ boxes, with this Harry Potter themed set.


The stabilisers are still attached

We don’t expect all your dads are polished publishers, but they can be. No writer starts with all the skills and style of a best seller, and the occasional lapse in style, technique, even spelling, is forgivable. Only when there is space to improve can you push the writer to be the best they can be. Writing Magazine caters for all writers, whether they are starting from scratch today or are already published and just looking for that extra piece of inspiration that all writers need. A subscription for your dad will give him monthly motivation, ideas and encouragement, and allow him to enter subscriber-only competitions with real cash prizes. He can even showcase his book on this very website for free, and he will receive specialist discounts on writing courses and writing software. It’s the push every writer needs, with no stress of expectation and the chance to show his book to other aspiring and fully flourished writers.


4 - Leaving his mark (£11.20)

Always carry a pen! That's the standard advice for writers but men are much less likely to remember such 'boring' accoutrements, without the Mary Poppins handbag to store them up in. So why not make sure he's never without by giving him one he'll want to keep close to his heart? How else is going to make the most of that new notebook? A pen may seem like a very small and simple present, but not if it comes with your love, and etched with his name, he is less likely to lose it. Click here to personalise a Parker pen for your father. 


5 - ‘Write Drunk, Edit Sober’ (£33.47)

Though this oft-quoted soundbite didn't really pass Hemingway's lips, and its value as writing, or lifestyle, advice is debatable, there is no harm in a little (sensible) grease for the creative wheels, and no better acccompaniment for a thinking session, or to cap off a productive day at the keyboard, than a nice whisky. And what would be more appropriate for the writer dad than this Writers' Tears Whisky. Triple distilled, non-peated and matured and aged in American Oak bourbon casks, this whisky is not for the weakhearted. Smile in the knowledge that the next time dad sits back in his chair ready to write, he can be fuelled by the frustration of his forerunners!



6 - ‘Summer’ is coming (around £39)

It’s everywhere, on the TV, on every social media platform: Game of Thrones. Everyone loves it, Dads love it! So while he recovers from the controversial series climax, or just looks to plug the Westeros-size hole in his schedule, why not remind him that the book is always better! It’s not a risky gift, as you already know he loves the story but the books paint a much richer tapestry, and it's the perfect time to start lining up some beach reading. If your dad isn’t a Game of Thrones fan, tailor the idea to his personal preference. We especially like this gorgeous Ian Rankin set and the PG Wodehouse Golf set.


Back to school

You’re never too old to learn a new skill, or gain extra help to polish it. With this in mind we offer tutor-led writing courses covering a range of writing topics. Choose from our thirteen courses in all different areas of writing. Your dad will be able to work at his own pace, from home, with assignments personalised to him. Each course includes 6 or 8 assignments, dependent on the course, and there is no deadline, allowing him to develop as a writer without any stress. So, if your dad has always promised himself that he would improve his writing, or would like to take his skills in a different direction, why not help him reach those goals?


7 - Paper vs Digital (From £519)

As the digital world advances apace, writing is effectively "typing" these days. However, some of us much prefer the old ways, and write by shorthand. The only drawback is then transcribing it into word-processed format for competitions, publishers, etc, who want to transmit digital copies quickly and efficiently. This handy gadget gives your dad the best of both worlds – he can continue writing by hand but end up with a digital copy of the text, with reMarkable. This tablet is known as the ‘paper tablet’ as it allows you to write with an electronic pen, and converts your handwriting into typed text, making it easy to refine and share.



Thank you for being my dad

If your father appreciates writing, books and all thing literature, there’s one gift that would mean the world to him. A personalised book. This sounds like a lot of work, and with Father’s Day creeping up very quickly, may seem impossible, especially if you’re not much of a writer yourself. We are not suggesting you write a 1,000-page novel about your dad (unless you would like to!), but why not create a small story book, listing reasons you love your dad, your favourite memories with him, and all those secret jokes you have about your sibling, or other parent! You could make this as extravagant or simple as you would like, but it will mean the world to him, without breaking the bank.


There really is no limit to the gifts you could buy for Father’s Day, and although he will say he doesn’t want/need anything, all these gifts are guaranteed to put a smile on his face and remind him how much you care. Now enter the world of shopping for dad, and feel confident in the knowledge there are many different options that he will appreciate as a writer.


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