Creative writing exercise: if the glove fits


04 August 2017
gloves-95116.jpg Gloves, CC BY 2.0, Chris Brown, Flickr
We throw down the gauntlet for your latest creative writing coffee break!

Get creative with your fifteen-minute workout!

Close your eyes and imagine a pair of gloves. Consider the following questions:

• What are they like?
• Who do they belong to?
• What colour and texture are they?
• Where are they kept?

For instance, are they delicate lace mittens worn by a Regency heroine at her first ball and kept in a sandalwood box or are they scuffed black leather gloves worn by a criminal?

Focus on your pair of gloves. Set a timer and free-write for three minutes. Don’t worry about getting information in the right order. Don’t cross out or censor what you write. Don’t worry about grammar or spelling for now.

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Look and what you’ve written and underline any words or phrases you particularly like. (Three minutes)

Think about the hands that will be wearing the gloves – and then try to bring the rest of the person into focus.

• What are they like?
• Notice any blemishes or tattoos.
• What time of day is it?
• Where are they?
• What can they see from their window?
• How do they feel?

Free-write for three minutes about the hands and their owner. Again, don’t censor anything – just concentrate on filling as much paper as you can. Use the senses.

For the last few minutes of this exercise, draft the first few paragraphs of a story or create a short poem using the information you have gathered.

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