Coffee break exercise: Book


03 May 2019
book-57220.jpg Photo by Natalia Y on Unsplash
Writers and books go hand in hand – but what would happen if you found a strange message in an old book? Find out in this week's creative writing exercise

You are visiting an old fashioned bookshop in an unfamiliar place. Set the timer for five minutes and jot down some sensory detail. What is the shop called? What can you see, hear and smell? What textures do you notice? Is there coffee?

A book falls off a shelf as you pass. You notice something unusual about it – a map, a coded message or something you were meant to find. Set the timer for five minutes and explore this idea.

Someone comes into the bookshop and they’re clearly looking for the book. What do you do? For the remaining time create a brief outline for a story. 


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